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T C & I  is a Consulting firm providing Design and Management expertise to the building industry. Specializing in sustainable energy, engineering and management services, our clients include Entertainment Destination Corporations, General Contractors, Architects, Ranchers and California Public Schools.

Our consulting services include engineering design, fluids transportation (including irrigation) and Storm Water Assessment, Management, Design and Maintenance, energy use and savings assessment, Title 24, LEED commissioning and recommissioning, Project and Construction management, and Owner's Representation. We proudly serve the Commercial / Industrial, Residential, Public, and Agricultural industries.

We are contracted to provide a unique service or an expertise or extension to a client's in-house team and customize our service to support your specific needs.

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Below is a short list of projects encompassing our broad range of expertise and experience across industry and the public sector...





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Our Current Projects Include:

  • Continued SWPPP Development and Maintenance for a number of Clients in Southern California
  • Multiple projects for a number of School Districts in the Southern California area managing more than $110MM in bond funded construction
  • Project Management of the Sierra Madre Middle School New Construction packages at $27MM
  • Forensic engineering analysis and expert witness services

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    • We continue to proudly support the Pasadena Engineering Pathways Program and are dedicated to working with students in their high school years toward careers in technology in addition, lecture as part-time faculty in the ME department at California State University, Northridge


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  • Rancho Colorina continues to inspire!

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 Please call us to discuss your project needs, arrange an appointment, or talk about any of our current projects.



Project:         SWPPP Design and Management
Owner:          City of Santa Paula
We are excited to be a part of this four and a half acre refurbishment project. Although the site is fairly flat, there remains a challenge with the types of soil and proximity to a local tributary. We truly enjoy performing work where the flow of water (or other fluids) is involved, be it through piping systems, channels, or surface flow. Most recently our completed work with Rancho Colorina and the installation of over 100 railroad ties as part of an erosion control system added a unique look and feel to the property while being totally functional.


Project:         Drainage and Water Distribution
Owner:          Los Angeles County Animal Care & Control - Castaic Shelter
We are privileged to be a part of this project for the Castaic Shelter whereby we have the opportunity to have a direct impact on the quality of life for these magnificent creatures. This project for us is as much a labor of love as it is a design assignment. As life-long equine enthusiasts, members of the NCBA, and team members on a number of ranch improvement projects, this assignment utilizes a special and unique design skill-set of the TC&I Team. This also serves a greater purpose with our new partner, Rancho Colorina, Inc., working towards the healing and empowerment of human lives through animals.
 ...for more information on the Rancho Colorina Project, call us directly at the number on this website above and keep watching for more news, website release dates, links, and upcoming projects.



Project:        Monrovia High School 

Owner:         Monrovia Unified School District (MUSD)

Architect:     WLC Architects
As an Owner's Representative to MUSD, it is our privilege to provide oversight services to the District and it's Board. In this role, we bring our vast knowledge and years of K-12 experience in partnership with Tilden-Coil Contstructors to the Monrovia District's construction Bond program. It is our goal to provide an unobstructed conduit for communications and the passage of information between the Superintendent and the Board, and the Construction Team, whereby our services may relieve the additional responsibilities placed upon District Staff Members and allow them to focus on their primary objective - that of education.


Project:         Measure ‘TT’ Bond

Owner:          Pasadena Unified School District

Architect:      Multiple firms from the Greater Pasadena & Los Angeles areas

As an Owner's Representative and Engineer of Record to Pasadena Unified School District, it is our privilege to provide and share our extensive knowledge and understanding of energy, sustainability and construction management within the framework of Education. As part of this $450MM Bond program, we will undertake extensive energy savings measures, multiple LEED School projects and the construction management oversight of projects defined by the Board of Education, and Chief of Facilities within the District, ensuring that the standards and expectations of the Board of Education and the State agencies with jurisdiction are met. As an Engineer of Record for the District, we are proud to serve in a design capacity allowing in-house design-build project savings utilization whenever possible, representing the District to the Division of the State Architect, and assisting the Maintenance and Operations Team to our fullest extent.


Project:         The Simpsons Ride

                      Project "Foster"

Owner:          Universal Studios Hollywood

Architect:       LHAgkk works / DMJM+H / AECOM

As Project Director; oversee and coordinate the project team for these high profile attraction builds. Manage schedule, budget and interface with show creators and design team. Interface with Los Angeles County officials and inspectors to ensure compliance across the project. Managment of general contractor and multiple specialty vendors to ensure project was delivered on schedule in alignment with parallel media campaign. Work with teams on both east and west coast to secure economy of scale whenever possible.


Project:         Measure ‘K’ Bond

Owner:          Glendale Unified School District

Architect:      Multiple firms from the Los Angeles area

Managed the implementation of $300MM bond measure for the school district. Project duration was five years and included 29 school campuses in all stages of modernization and construction. Worked with multiple Architectural teams, State and local officials to pursue energy savings subsidization through unique conservation and design techniques. Managed a mixed portfolio of subcontractors and programs to ensure project was delivered on schedule, on time and in accordance with Glendale Board of Education and State of California Government codes, requirements and expectations.


Project:         Disney’s California Adventure

Owner:          Disneyland Resort

Senior filed manager responsible for bringing eleven of the new attractions on line at the new Disney Resort Destination. Managed operating budget, consumables and spares. Coordinate hiring of 300 person opening technical team. With Disney Manager, Tom Anton, our team provided attraction availability in excess of 95%, the highest the resort had achieved to that time.


Project:         Jurassic Park – The Ride

Owner:          Universal Studios International (Japan)

Partners:       Meisho Co., Sumitomo Co., Tanseisha Co.

Responsible Engineer for Jurassic Park animatronic dinosaur build and facility interface, including all related facility call-outs in Osaka, Japan. Managed multiple vendors and production in North America ensuring compliance with production specifications, quality standards, overall budget and master schedule. Project management of installation on site in Japan through start-up, testing and attraction opening.


Project:         Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean

Owner:          Disneyland Resort

Oversight engineering for technological systems design and upgrade; working under Bob Baranick (WDI / Bob Baranick Design) and Gale Maxey (Disney Animation) to implement the “politically correct” changes to this timeless attraction. Changes included the implementation and modernization of some of the original concept ideas for the attraction from the 1960’s.


Project:         Energy Efficiency - Infrastructure Development

Client:           FGT Cattle

Energy analysis with the goal of finding more efficient ways to provide power and distribution of utilities and services to a ranch. Elements included ventilation and air movement through a horse barn, water distribution to individual horse and cattle holding pens and pastures, pumping efficiency evaluation and upgrades, hydrology study of storm water run-off and collection opportunities, electrical and utility routing and distribution.

.... this comprises a top level summary, please call to discuss details or questions about your project


We are proud members of the following organizations:

United States Green Building Council
National Society of Professional Engineers

American Society of Mechanical Engineers
American Quarter Horse Association
National Cattlemen's Beef Association

Association of Energy Engineers